Turn Your Photo Into Art on a T-Shirt

XeirePrint Design Tool will turn your photo into art.

Have you seen those square photos on t-shirts? A nice family photo or photo of a cute beloved pet. Photos itself may be a peak of the art but when printed on a t-shirt, they look like something unfinished. Like a great idea, but there is missing something.

To make it look good on a shirt, turn your photo into art before printing. It’s simple (watch the video above) and it is 100% free, no strings attached.

Spend five more minutes on enhancing your photo and, when you wear your t-shirt instead of the standard “nice photo” your friends will say “wow, that’s a cool photo”, “I need the same shirt with my pet, how you did it?”, “where can I get such a t-shirt?”, etc.

In that way, you can put on a t-shirt any photo you want – your pet, your friends, family photo, kids, boyfriend/girlfriend, wedding or vacation photo, or even your favorite politician. It will look good and professional.


turn your photo into art


IMPORTANT! Choose the “Portrait” template for your photo editing. It’s because, if created on the t-shirt template, photo turns out too big and exceeds the 10 MB upload limit. The “Portrait” template is made to keep your photo size below this limit.

Find your best photo and create your favorite t-shirt!


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