Top 10 Pi Day 2021 Math T-shirts for Teachers and Students

math t-shirts for teachers pi day 2021

Math t-shirts for teachers and students is a great way to express yourself. There are many mathematics-related upcoming events in 2021 like math olympiad, pi day, Linearized wave-damping structure of Vlasov-Poisson in R3 (University of Cambridge), Kazhdan’s property (T) and semidefinite programming (Kyoto University), and thousands more around the world.

Take a look at the list of Top 10 pi day 2021 math t-shirts for teachers and students:

#10 - Captain Pi

Captain pi math t-shirt for teachers

Even if launched a few years ago, this math t-shirt is still a leader in teachers’ and students’ ranks. Geeks and nerds all around the world love this superhero tee, especially the Marvel fans.

Take a look at Captain Pi items.

#9 - OctoPi

How math and octopus are similar? Probably, both have a lot of things to count. Octopi is a funny Pi day math t-shirts for teachers and students. Vintage colors make it look outstanding. Every nerd will be jealous when will see you in this tee at the math olympiad.

pi day 2021 Octopi Math t-shirt

#8 - Come to the math side; we have pi.

math t-shirts for teachers come to the math side we have pi

Star Wars fans cannot sleep well at night; they go to the closet three times to check if their shirt is in place during the night. Nerdiest math t-shirts for teachers and students. This Pi day 2021 shirt will be a favorite in your mathematician wardrobe.

#7 - Math is no prob-llama

Namaste! The cute llama and funny pun “math is no prob-llama” make this t-shirt a great addition to your math wardrobe. Great for both children and adults.

Math is no prob-llama math t-shirts for teachers

#6 - Mathletics Department

pi day 2021 mathletics department

This one is for real mathletes! Must have math t-shirts for teachers. If someone says that math nerds are weak, they probably have not seen you in the gym. Wear it on Pi day 2021 and other math events to show everyone who they deal with.

#5 - Be greater than average

As a mathematician, you already are greater than average! Excellent math t-shirts for teachers and students proud of their skills and knowledge. Great to wear on graduation party, Pi day 2021, and other math-related events.

be greater than average math t-shirts for teachers and students

#4 - Vintage Pi

Vintage Pi day 2021

This vintage style Pi day 2021 tee becomes more popular every day. Excellent, classic vintage tee for math geeks and nerds. Stay classy with this mathematics t-shirt.

#3 - In pie we trust

Humorous “conspiracy theorist” math t-shirts for teachers and students “in pie we trust.” This tee with a pie slice triangle and the funny all-seeing eye will bring a smile to people’s faces around you. Excellent for math competitions and other events. Third place proofs that math nerds really love this tee shirt.

in pie we trust math t-shirts for teachers and students

#2 - Pineapple Pi

pineapple pi day 2021

I don’t know how you feel about pineapple on pizza, but pineapple pie is delicious! Bright math design for Pi day 2021 features the shape of pineapple made out of pi symbols. This excellent “conversation starter” may solve a part of shy math nerd problems.

#1 - Pie slice society

Ladies and gentlemen! Our Winner! Unbeaten Pi day 2021 leader, number one math t-shirts for teachers and students – Pie Slice Society! Loved by thousands of math geeks and nerds all around the world. Nerdy enough to take first place on our top 10. Every self-respecting mathematician should have such a shirt.

math t-shirts for teachers and students Pie slice society

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