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Personalized Gifts XeirePrint

XeirePrint is probably the most-flexible personalized gifts shop online. What makes it so?

There are hundreds of shops where you can buy personalized items online by asking the seller to customize it. Tens of online shops where you can modify the product yourself. So, what makes the XeirePrint so flexible?

If you ever tried to make personalized gifts online, you know that product price increases with each added layer. For example, if you want to make some coffee mug with a photo, some text, and some emoji, the price will increase with each added element. Photo of mom or dad +$3, text “from your freaking awesome daughter” +$3, smiley face +$3. Finally, the simple mug price goes through the roof!

We’ve made the XeirePrint Design Tool that solve this problem. Everyone without some special knowledge or artistic skills can make fully finished design themselves. Then download it to your device, and after upload your design on one of the hundreds of our shop products.

Besides, you can personalize any of our products from scratch. Edit by changing items and their color. Modify by adding photos, graphics and text to an existing design. Resize design and change its color.

Last but not least, we offer Standard, Premium and Express shipping methods as well as gift wrap and send your order with a personalized greeting card.

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