Son Quotes from Dad and Mom – 20 Quotes 33 Inspiring Words of Encouragement to Say to Your Son

son quotes from dad and mom

Did you know that there is a National Sons Day celebrated on September 28 every year? Some observe a similar day on March 4 each year, and there’s also a Son and Daughter Day, celebrated on August 11. A popular way to express your love for your son in addition to greeting cards is messages on coffee mugs and t-shirts. Here you will find son quotes from mom and son quotes from dad.

Your son knows you love him, but he also needs to hear it from you as many times as possible. You know what you feel to your son, but how to say it in words? What encouragement words to say to your son? What words of encouragement to use? Don’t worry; we prepared this little son quotes from dad and mom cheat sheet for you.

Below are excellent parents (both mother and father) and son sayings and quotes. Try to mix these words and expressions with something personal that only you and your son know.

33 Things and Words of Encouragement to Say to Your Son

  • I am sorry! - If you were wrong on anything, this is the main thing you SHOULD say to your child.
  • I am proud of you!
  • You are my Sonshine!
  • Do not be afraid of change. The best can come out of it.
  • Welcome people into your life. Life is precious to spend it standing aloof.
  • Love makes the world go around. Always make love a constant in your life.
  • You are a shining star in your life. Keep the star shining brighter.
  • Happy people don't have the best things; they make the best of whatever they have.
  • Your family will always be there to support you.
  • You are what you say you are, fair enough.
  • You always have a choice. Just know that options have consequences.
  • Do not derive your happiness from the pleasures of the world. Love is right inside of you.
  • You will make a great man.
  • When people try to break your relationships, work on them even more to conquer failure.
  • Make the most of every time; you will not get it once it is gone.
  • Dreams come true. Follow yours.
  • Believe in yourself; it is the first step in doing the impossible.
  • Identify your talents and make the best of them.
  • I miss you when I don't see you.
  • Your weakness determines who you will follow.
  • Today is the day to move a mountain, and it starts with remembering how. I have always loved you.
  • The sun still shines when it rains.
  • Being your dad/mom is my favorite job.
  • My love for you never ends.
  • You either win or learn from everything.
  • Compassion and mercy are always an option.
  • In a world full of troubles and sorrow, you have been the light that keeps me going.
  • Open your heart, and you open the door to impossibilities.
  • Your kindness dictates your strength.
  • The sun still shines when it rains.
  • I respect your decisions.
  • I messed up.
  • You are really good at ________. - Have you noticed how your son lights up when you notice him doing something well? Find something your son is good at and tell it to him!
son quotes from dad and mom sayings

Son Quotes from Dad and Mom

10 I Love My Son Quotes (Son Quotes from Dad and Mom)

I want you to remember that I will always be here for you when you need me.

Whenever you walk into the room, you lit it up; you have a talent for making me happy, son.

If you feel like life is trying to bring you down, remember that I will never leave you.

I want you to know that you are vital to me no matter what happens in this life.

When they tell you that you can't, I'll be here to remind you that you can.

I think you are the person that will always be honest, and so I am right here to be with you.

You are and will always be the love of my life; believe me, on that, I love you so much, son.

I want to raise you the best that I can because I want you to grow up to be the best you can.

Even when you think you do not need me any longer, my dear, I will still be here for you.

At the end of this life, I will be smiling because I had a person like you as my son.

Son Quotes from Dad and Mom - 20 Quotes 33 Inspiring Words of Encouragement to Say to Your Son 1

Son Quotes from Dad and Mom

10 I Love You Messages for Your Son (Son Quotes from Dad and Mom)

Dear son, we can't describe in words what you actually mean to us. We can say that you are the world of us. You have completed our family and our life. We love you so much.

My dear, you are the apple of my eyes. One day you will be a father, and then you will know how much a father loves his child. I love you, son. My prayer is always with you.

Our loving child, you are the reason that our home is full of joy. Thank you for being the best son ever. Stay blessed, honey.

Son, when you were little, you were very naughty. But we kept patient and knew that you would be a very responsible and wonderful smart guy one day. Today we are proved right. Love you.

I love your passion for working hard, your thoughts, and your imagination. Keep it up, my son. Surely one day, you will be successful.

Days are passing fast. We are getting older, and you are growing up. Son, do you know that you are a very good person? Always be like this. We are proud to have a son like you.

I am thrilled to have a perfect son! You are a very mature and sensible boy, a genius, my boy. I wish you all the very best in your life.

Sweetheart, you have taught us so many good things in life. As a parent, we are pleased to know that we have raised a good man. And he will shine like a pearl all the time.

Now I am tension-free because I have a strong son who can take care of himself in any situation. My son, your success is the most important thing for me. And you will gain it soon.

Son, our relationship is more than a father-son relationship. I knew that father and son couldn't be a friend. But you showed me that father and son could be best friends.

There are so many good things to say to your son. Get inspired from these son quotes from dad and mom, go to our Design Tool and create one of a kind gift for your son!

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