Create a Personalized Mug in 10 Minutes

I bet you have loads of digital photos on your phone or pc. Why not make a nice gift to your other half? Or to yourself? Immortalize your best memorable moments.

Create a personalized mug

The video above shows all the steps necessary to create a custom coffee mug. As you see, it’s super simple and quite fast. It’s just one example of how you can customize the mug. There are hundreds of possibilities, and I’m sure you will do it much better than me.

Use photos from your holidays, vacations, and trips where you were together. Add birthday photos. Are you already married? Add your wedding photos. Boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife or best friends, actually it does not matter who you are to each other. Love and attention are never too much. Your other half will be happy that you remember those happy moments spent together.

Boys! Do this for your girlfriend or wife, and you’ll become the superstar. You will be the king of the household. At least for 15 minutes…

Girls! The chance that your boyfriend or hubby will make a personalized coffee mug for you is about 0.01%. So, if you want it, you make it – as always…

Our Design Tool has a lot of options. Upload photos, create shapes, add text, and much more. Unleash your creativity, use tool and create a personalized mug – truly one of a kind gift! It’s 100% FREE no strings attached.

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create a personalized mug

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