Clurichaun Meaning​

Clurichaun Meaning


The Clurichaun or clúrachán (clobhair-ceann from Irish) is merely a Leprechaun on a drinking spree. Clurichaun is a mischievous fairy in Irish folklore. Guardian of the hidden treasure Leprechaun, also known as Clurichaun for his great love of drinking and a tendency to haunt pubs, breweries, and wine cellars. Some folklorists regard Clurichaun as a regional variation of the same being.

Clurichaun Meaning​

Clurichaun is also known as a trickster, practical joker, and a disturber of order and quietness in a house. He is making noise day and night. His dual nature makes him similar to domestic hobgoblin. Clurichaun takes exceptional care of the family he has attached himself, endeavouring to protect their lives and property provided he is not interfered with.

So, if someone asks you what’s the Clurichaun meaning, you can answer that it’s a drunk Leprechaun.

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