Bum Bum Ciao Meaning

bum bum ciao meaning

Bum Bum Ciao /bʌm bʌm tʃaʊ/ (some people use boom boom ciao) means to have sex and bye-bye.

Make love and goodbye or till next time. No romantic walks and talks, no relationship – just casual sex.

Bum Bum Ciao meaning

Bum Bum Ciao Meaning

Example usage in conversation:

“Ashley, I feel I fall in love with you!” – “No, no, no silly boy… we spoke about it – just bum bum ciao!”

“Hey, Babe! How about some bum bum ciao?” – “Never heard about such a drink.” – “It is not a drink, it’s what we’ll do after the drink…” – “Bum bum ciao? Hell, yes!”

“Rob, stop watching Netflix. Let’s go out and find some bum bum ciao!”

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