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Ayantee Meaning

Ayantee Meaning

Ayantee /ˈɑːjanˌ tiː/ is North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (also known as N.C. A&T, North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina A&T, or simply A&T) yearbook.

Ayantee Yearbook

In the far 1939, the Senior Class publishes the first “Ayantee” yearbook. The next volume of Ayantee yearbook would not see daylight until 1946.

N.C. Agricultural & Technical State University is a public research university in Greensboro, North Carolina. University is known as historically black. Aggie Pride is a phrase used only by students and alumni of NC A&T State University to greet other students/alumni! NCAT Aggies are the athletic teams that represent A&T in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. They compete in NCAA Division I. Aggies has been a member of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference since 1969.

Ayantee Meaning
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Now you know the Ayantee meaning!

In short, “Ayantee” stands for N.C. A&T yearbook.

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house of wings

Viral Donald Trump’s House of Wings SNL Video Skit Merchandise

SNL Skit (2004) video of Donald Trump with dancing chickens goes viral again (watch the video below). Previously the sketch made headlines during Trump’s presidential campaign in 2015.

And it’s not a surprise that Donald Trump’s House of Wings clothing and accessories are on fire right now before the US presidential elections in 2020. XeirePrint shop is not an exception. We offer a wide range of products with a design inspired by a video where Trump promoting a chicken wing restaurant.

donald trump's house of wings
donald trump's house of wings
donald trump's house of wings
donald trump's house of wings
donald trump's house of wings
donald trump's house of wings

Donald Trump’s House of Wings

SNL Video Transcript

Donald Trump
Dancing Chicken – Maya Rudolph
Dancing Chicken – Amy Poehler
Dancing Chicken – Kenan Thompson
Dancing Chicken – Seth Meyers
David Crosby – Horatio Sanz

[Cheap neon sign reads: TRUMP’S House of Wings. The synth-driven riff from the Pointer Sisters’ hit 1984 pop song “Jump (For My Love)” is heard as we pull back and pan down to reveal real estate mogul Donald Trump in a spectacularly awful all-yellow suit and tie. He stands in front of a couple of diners and addresses the camera.]
Donald Trump: Cock-a-doodle-doo, folks. I’m Donald Trump. And there’s two things in the world I love — a good deal and a good meal. So when I drove by a defunct Meineke Muffler Shop in Englewood, NewJersey I knew what I hadda do! I hadda buy it on the cheap and convert it into a restaurant specializing in buffalo chicken wings. So I did. And it’s the most important thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. So, please, join me — at DonaldTrump’s House of Wings!

[Trump gestures and four dancers, wearing goofy yellow and white chickens-popping-out-of-eggshells costumes, boogie into view and join him. They gestured energetically as they sing a parody of ”Jump”:]
Dancing Chickens: [sing]Trump! You know our wings will make you happy!
Trump in! You know our wings will fill you up!
Trump! If you want a place with awesome chicken wings, yeah,
Donald Trump’s House of Wings!

[The Donald, who has been dancin’ like the proverbial white man in the midst of all this, claps his hands and the chickens boogie backward out of view to huge cheers and applause. An impressed Trump pauses and nods acknowledgment to the crowd before continuing:]
Donald Trump: Am I saying I’m a chicken wing expert? No. But I can tell you this — the wing is hands down the best part of the chicken. Better than the head. Better than the torso. Better than the back! And at Donald Trump’s House of Wings, you can get them with five different levels of hotness – Regular, Hot, Three Alarm, Suicidal — and Hell Spawn![Each level is illustrated with a photo of Trump:”Smiling;” “Smiling but Red-Faced;” “Red-Faced and wearing a Fireman’s Helmet with Cheeks Puffed Out; ”Horned Goateed Red-Faced Devil with Cheeks Puffed Out;” and “Red-Faced with Eyes Bulging, Tongue Sticking Out and Steam Coming Out of Ears.”] And, if you like celery, congratulations! It’s on the house.

[Dancing chickens return. Trump claps, pumps a fist in the air and bobs in place arrhythmically.]
Dancing Chickens: [sing]Trump! You know our wings come with free celery!
Trump in! You know these veggies are good for you!
Trump! If you want bleu cheese, there’ll be a dollar extra!
Donald Trump’s House of Wings!

[Trump claps his hands and chickens boogie backward out of view, once again, to huge cheers and applause.]
Donald Trump: Donald Trump’s House of Wings is hands down the best wing restaurant in New Jersey. If you don’t believe me, ask my good friend, rock ‘n’ roll legend David Crosby.

[Synth riff fades out as white-haired, cherubic David Crosby enters with an acoustic guitar.]
David Crosby: Hey, Donny, man! When I’m not smokin’ weed, firin’ guns or throwing my sperm around the lesbian community I’m wolfin’ down wings as fast as they can hack ’em off them little bastards!

Donald Trump: Hey, listen, listen. That wasn’t in the script. You’re not supposed to be talking like that. That’s not right.

David Crosby: Oh, sorry, Donny, man.

Donald Trump: Take it easy.

David Crosby: Well, I call ’em like I sees’ em!

Donald Trump: Yeah, take it easy.

David Crosby: But I will say this about your place, Donald Trump.

[strums guitar, sings a slightly altered line from the 1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song, “Our House”] His house is a very, very, very fine house

[spoken with enthusiasm] — of Wings! Haha! Alrighty, I’m out of here! [pulls out a handgun and a plastic bag of marijuana] Hey, can you hold these for me? [tries to hand these to Trump]

Donald Trump: [pushes them away in disgust] I’m not gonna touch ’em. [tries to push Crosby off stage] Get out of here. Come on, get out.

David Crosby: [laughs] All right. [waves into the camera] Hey! Take it easy, Trumpy!

[Applause as David Crosby exits and the synth riff returns.]
Donald Trump: [shakes his head, disgusted with Crosby] Terrible! [continues, to the camera] To all you people out there — stop by and enjoy! And to all you chickens — You’re fry!


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Create Outstanding Back To School DIY T-Shirt

The summer holiday is full of fun, activities, and adventures. Scout camps, hiking, traveling, and of course, swimming is a small part of all things to do in the summer holidays.

Every child loves to wear something special on the first day of school and the afterparty. There are a lot of beautiful t-shirts to buy, but they are very similar, and usually, it ends up that every second student wears “welcome back to school,” “school is cool,” etc. shirt.


Why not make your own Back To School DIY t-shirt?

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back to school diy t-shirt
back to school diy t-shirt


Turn Your Photo Into Art on a T-Shirt


XeirePrint Design Tool will turn your photo into art.

Have you seen those square photos on t-shirts? A nice family photo or photo of a cute beloved pet. Photos itself may be a peak of the art but when printed on a t-shirt, they look like something unfinished. Like a great idea, but there is missing something.

To make it look good on a shirt, turn your photo into art before printing. It’s simple (watch the video above) and it is 100% free, no strings attached.

Spend five more minutes on enhancing your photo and, when you wear your t-shirt instead of the standard “nice photo” your friends will say “wow, that’s a cool photo”, “I need the same shirt with my pet, how you did it?”, “where can I get such a t-shirt?”, etc.

In that way, you can put on a t-shirt any photo you want – your pet, your friends, family photo, kids, boyfriend/girlfriend, wedding or vacation photo, or even your favorite politician. It will look good and professional.


turn your photo into art


IMPORTANT! Choose the “Portrait” template for your photo editing. It’s because, if created on the t-shirt template, photo turns out too big and exceeds the 10 MB upload limit. The “Portrait” template is made to keep your photo size below this limit.

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things to say to your daughter

20 Quotes and 33 Inspiring Things to Say to Your Daughter

A very popular way to express your love for your daughter in addition to greeting cards are messages on coffee mugs and t-shirts. Daughter knows you love her, but she also needs to hear it from you. You know what you feel to your daughter, but how to say it in words? What things to say to your daughter? Don’t worry, we prepared a cheat sheet for you.

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Create a Funny Custom Birthday Gift T-Shirt in Less than 5 minutes

No one wants to, and moreover, no one really feels old. Forty, fifty years old people often feel as crazy as in their twenties. Many times we hear – I am eighteen again, I’m eighteen with 22 years experience, and so on.

Create a custom birthday gift t-shirt yourself. You can wear it not only on your birthday but also 365 days after it. Or, you can make such a t-shirt for your friend, wife, husband, mom, dad, etc.

For the 40th birthday create “I turned 20 twice” shirt, for 52 years old you can do “I turned 26 twice”. Give it as a gift, and you will see that person’s smile guaranteed. Create it for yourself, and you will make to smile people around you.

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Personalized Family Matching T-Shirts

Text-based graphics are a simple but effective way to express yourself. Often used for family matching t-shirts. The same way you can make a custom organization, club, outdoor activities, etc. team member shirts.

Use product maker tool if you planning to add only one font and size text. But, if you want to use different fonts and text size, consider using the design tool. It’s because in the product maker tool price increases with each added element. Whereas in the design tool you can create a design from an unlimited quantity of elements. Then just download ready design to your device and upload it on the chosen product. The design tool is 100% free to use, no strings attached.


Custom T-Shirt I Love To the Moon and Back


Custom T-Shirt as a Way to Express Your Love

The custom t-shirt “I love my [ADD YOUR TEXT] to the moon and back” is a great way to express your love to your friends, family members or colleagues. Show your love to them!

I love my mom, my boyfriend or if you looking for better work conditions or salary increase – I love my BOSS to the moon and back. Just joking, but as you know there’s a grain of truth in every joke.

Use the button above to start to personalize this design. Or, if you need to change design color or make some deeper customization, try out our design tool. In the XeirePrint Design Tool click on the “Templates” tab and find this particular graphic. Click on it and start modifying.


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custom t-shirt


How To Modify the Product

At XeirePrint shop you can edit almost any aspect of the product. You can change modify the product color or change the item itself, for example, change men’s t-shirt to the women’s one, or even change the shirt to the mug.

Also, you can change the design color, add text, upload your own images, and clipart. Or, you can remove design completely then add text, upload your own graphics and photo.

Don’t forget about the design tool that allows you easily create your own design. “How to” videos you will find here.

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