Create Outstanding Back To School DIY T-Shirt

The summer holiday is full of fun, activities, and adventures. Scout camps, hiking, traveling, and of course, swimming is a small part of all things to do in the summer holidays.

Every child loves to wear something special on the first day of school and the afterparty. There are a lot of beautiful t-shirts to buy, but they are very similar, and usually, it ends up that every second student wears “welcome back to school,” “school is cool,” etc. shirt.


Why not make your own Back To School DIY t-shirt?

Your mobile phone is full of your kid’s photos. Just choose a few best photos, upload them to the design tool, adjust the shape and size, add some text, and your design is ready. You can be sure that your child’s back to school t-shirt is 100% unique, and no one will have the same tee. Click the button below and try yourself to create a Back To School DIY t-shirt. It’s fun and easy!



Take a look at a couple of examples



back to school diy t-shirt
back to school diy t-shirt


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